Who are you ?


Do you, your staff & all your marketing efforts support your Brand? Any potential new customers will make many decisions about you way before meeting you. So, what is your brand saying? 

Quality, trust, fun, unique, affordable, desirable. Etc. the list goes on. Your brand is one of your greatest assets. It’s not just your logo, slogan and design scheme, but your customers’ total experience of your business. Your brand is in your customer promise, your business values, your personality, the way you talk to your customers. It’s in the way you package your service and answer your phone. People are searching for businesses like yours every second and therefore, a good brand identity will attract these new customers by stressing the differences between you and your competitors.

The power of a strong brand is such that it can lift a single firm or product above others to become something truly memorable. Think of mobile phones and you think of Apple; think of a vacuum and Hoover will doubtless spring to mind. 

Branding is a multi-faceted endeavour – it requires careful planning and a lot of introspective thought about what makes your business special and what separates it from its rivals. That won’t happen overnight, but we can help you take careful steps to devise a strategy that will help you create an image for your enterprise in the long run. If you need some Marketing support from a team of passionate and friendly experts, get in touch with our “Brandtastic” team today for a free consultation. 

Remember, whether you are building a small brand, starting a big company, or launching your own start up project, you probably will ask at some point, what really makes you, you? Who are you?