Marketing is like Fishing…, Marketing

I have always said…”Marketing is like Fishing”.  It takes year’s of experience to learn how to fish, it also requires a lot of patience, determination & buying the correct equipment. In my youth I spent hours fishing various ponds trying to catch just about any fish that I could. Formative years using a clothes peg, a bit of cotton and some bread did prove effective for some fish, but not many.  As I gained experience I realised that I needed a hook to give me a better chance of success, furthermore that the right choice of bait also increased my catch. I soon recognised that fish didn’t always stay in the same place. I would fish the same spot each day but my catch would sometimes draw a blank even though the previous day I caught plenty.  That’s when I learnt to pre-bait my favourite spot with loads of yummy bait the night before fishing. Success. 

Finally I learnt to fish with 3 rods at once so my keep net was full of fish. My point is, MARKETING is the same! You have to try many techniques, be patient, try different audiences but also spend wisely. You need the right bait & sized hook for the catch but most importantly you need to continually feed the audience or they will go away. 

Is your keep net full? If not, fancy going fishing?