Why are you still relying on OTA’S?


Another busy week of new client meetings and yet again the same messages coming from hospitality business owners. “How do I become less reliant on my OTA and increase my direct income?”

The story of paying third parties has been the same for years, 

High commission rates,

Lack of rate parity,

Brand hijacking in google,

Lack of marketing control and 

Lack of customer relationship management.

With some companies taking up to 30% commission, it’s little wonder why so many business are looking at their options to increase their profits.

As hospitality marketing specialists, we create web sites, SEO & strategies that drive customers direct to YOU – saving you thousands ££. The tools for success are there for everyone, not just the big boys and the costs are more affordable than ever.

We’re helping business everyday to sensitively move their marketing away from the 3rd party reliance… so please get in touch with us today if you want profits that you are in control of. www.mikearscottmarketing.com 0800 321 3340



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