Why are you still relying on OTA’S?


Another busy week of new client meetings and yet again the same messages coming from hospitality business owners. “How do I become less reliant on my OTA and increase my direct income?”

Reviews – Go get em…

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I paid a visit to Ikea this morning…not something that typically fills me with joy. However, upon my exit stood an iPad with 4 faces and 1 question on the screen. Have you enjoyed shopping today?

Don’t bury your head in the sand?


The so called “Ostrich effect” has sadly been a common finding for me within the Hospitality industry and i’m sure many other industries too.

Who are you ?


Do you, your staff & all your marketing efforts support your Brand? Any potential new customers will make many decisions about you way before meeting you. So, what is your brand saying?

Marketing is like Fishing…

mike@marketingchameleon.co.ukAudience, Marketing

I have always said…”Marketing is like Fishing”. It takes year’s of experience to learn how to fish, it also requires a lot of patience, determination & buying the correct equipment. In my youth I spent hours fishing various ponds trying to catch just about any fish that I could.